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Recreating your Pool's Beauty - Bellaire Remodeling Services

Pool Maintenance Services of Bellaire is not the largest pool remodeling company in Bellaire Texas, but we are the most passionate about making your dream pool a reality. There are many specific points to pool renovations that require more than just trained and experienced hands. They need a grand view and the passion to to a beautiful end.

A happy Bellaire pool owner is our only definition of success!

We have dozens of choices of design and style for all segments of your pool redesign. Don't settle for working with a pool company that only wants to construct cookie cutter pool designs. Pool Maintenance Services of Bellaire will evaluate your backyard space and recommend a catalog of particular pool styles that you will enjoy for years and years.

Even if you're just in the initial research phase of your design ideas, feel free call our remodeling consultants anytime: (281) 668-8797

Plaster Alternatives for Bellaire Pools

We offer several surface materials that offer more customization and a longer warranty than traditional pool plaster.

These are just a few samples of color and texture, contact us ((281) 668-8797) to chat about your color ideas and answer any questions.

Below are some color samples of various materials.

Bellaire Pool Material Options

How Surfaces Look Different Underwater

Bellaire Pool Water Depth

Bellaire Pool Remodeling Ideas: Restore the Joy of Pool Ownership

Adding a decorative waterfall or fountain.

Adding a beach entry, baja step, handrails, or a water slide.

Installing coping of your choice around your pool - safety coping or something more decorative.

Adding a fireplace or firepit, with or without a gas line.

Pool automation that allow you to control all pool settings from your smartphone.

Enclosed landscaping such as sectioned off tree or plant near your pool's edge.

Adding a spa or hot tub to your existing pool setting.

Pool deck resurfacing (or adding a new decked area) with your choice of custom stonework, stone, rolled edge, travertine stone, decorative concrete, poured concrete or pavers.

Improving the energy efficiency of your pool, such as by using a solar pool heater.

Converting your pool to a saltwater system.

Resurfacing your pool with a luxurious and long lasting marble (Hydrazzo) or quartz surface.

Adding LED lighting features in and around your pool. Many color selections available.

Interesting ideas are boundless...